AJ Radio – Episode 22 (Recorded 11th June 2019)

June 17 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

In this 22nd Episode of AJ Radio we look at what investors should be thinking about before the close of the financial year and the latest emerging market news from the CFA Conference in London.

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How to beat regulators on the $1.6 million cap limit on superannuation

May 15 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

If you have more than $1.6 million in super, presently you might find that you are unable to make any further after-tax contributions (non-concessional contributions)

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How to beat Labor’s proposed changes to the franking policy and stick it to the man!

February 27 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

The media has been a flurry recently about Labor’s proposed changes to franking credits. There has been public outrage over this, and the sad reality

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AJ Radio – Episode 21 (Recorded 19th February 2019)

February 21 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

In this 21st Episode of AJ Radio we look at forecasts and what we can expect in 2019 for the markets, economy and everything financial.

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How can I tell if my super fund provider is in financial difficulty?

February 15 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

I recently reviewed Media Super’s Annual Report after reading a media article that reported them purchasing a 429-year-old violin as an investment. I thought this

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Bestsellers on retirement or investment planning: fiction or non-fiction?

January 31 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

A few years back, I attended an executive course run by University of Nebraska, Omaha. It took place just prior to the annual general meeting

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What next for Australian property?

December 20 , 2018 Alex Jamieson

There have recently been many articles in the media regarding changing property prices. Unlike shares, which can be accurately tracked day-to-day, property is historically an

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AJ Radio – Special Edition on Insights from CFA Annual Conference New York 2018

December 10 , 2018 Alex Jamieson

Hear Shaun’s insights on how effective company acquisitions are, what can we expect from the trade war between US & China, how to spot a recession, and lots more. 

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Does your retirement super need to be ‘Zengosaidan’?

November 29 , 2018 Alex Jamieson

I often like to read ‘peculiar’ books that give me some insights into different ways of thinking. I recently came across a book review in

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Which would you prefer: a 7% or 12% return on your super?

November 13 , 2018 Alex Jamieson

It seems like a simple enough question. If you had a balance investment option in your super, would you choose a 7% or 12% return?

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Could your Hostplus Index Balanced Fund be a disappointment?

October 30 , 2018 Alex Jamieson

Around $2.5 billion has reportedly flowed into the industry super fund Hostplus in recent times. This influx of funds has largely been on the back

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