AJ Radio – Episode 24 (Recorded 9th September 2019)

September 11 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

In this 24th Episode of AJ Radio we explore the world of ultra low interest rates, and where investors can get a decent return.

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Will QE tear apart Australian society?

August 30 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

These days formulating monetary policy, which is set by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and other central reserve banks such as the US Federal

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Australian Super’s Elephant Gun Problem

August 9 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

Back in 1987, Warren Buffet made the following statement in a letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders: ‘Our basic principle is that if you want to

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AJ Radio – Episode 23 (Recorded 23rd July 2019)

July 26 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

In this 22nd Episode of AJ Radio we look at the exciting landscape of online media and where this is heading and some investment opportunities you might want to look at.

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When does a brand lose authenticity?

July 16 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

For some time I have been thinking about the following equation and asking myself, does it hold true? increase business size = lost authenticity Recently

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With interest rates close to zero, should you still invest in fixed interest?

July 10 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

In the past, portfolio theory was fairly simple. To work out how much you should allocate to growth-based assets, you simply used the following formula:

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Are your super fund’s directors acting in your best interest?

June 26 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

Members of superannuation funds aren’t entitled to vote on who the directors are. In fact, as a member, do you have a say on anything

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AJ Radio – Episode 22 (Recorded 11th June 2019)

June 17 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

In this 22nd Episode of AJ Radio we look at what investors should be thinking about before the close of the financial year and the latest emerging market news from the CFA Conference in London.

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How to beat regulators on the $1.6 million cap limit on superannuation

May 15 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

If you have more than $1.6 million in super, presently you might find that you are unable to make any further after-tax contributions (non-concessional contributions)

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How to beat Labor’s proposed changes to the franking policy and stick it to the man!

February 27 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

The media has been a flurry recently about Labor’s proposed changes to franking credits. There has been public outrage over this, and the sad reality

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AJ Radio – Episode 21 (Recorded 19th February 2019)

February 21 , 2019 Alex Jamieson

In this 21st Episode of AJ Radio we look at forecasts and what we can expect in 2019 for the markets, economy and everything financial.

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