At AJ Financial Planning, we spend a lot more time than most other financial planning companies perusing and carefully analysing the markets, the economy and identifying investment opportunities. In doing so, we give a great deal of consideration to the environment and society wellbeing. We are committed to making the planet a better place and only invest in companies that uphold the same vision and values for the environment and future generations.

When we select investment options, we want to be proud owners of these assets. Part of this is ensuring that these investments are not responsible for destroying our planet or exploiting vulnerable members of society. In short, we only want to be associated with companies that are committed to making the planet a better place. Our research has found that these types of investments are in fact the best ones to own, as they often perform strongly and deliver the superior long-term returns.

We want to ensure that AJ Financial Planning makes a broader contribution to society’s wellbeing and environment, to make the world a better place for future generations. To this end, we are very proud that AJ Financial Planning is a member of the Principle for Responsible Investment association as well as the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative and the UN Global Impact Network.

Our commitment to making the planet a better place includes an annual commitment of donating $10,000 annual towards environmental, humanitarian, cultural or community projects.  We believe that we can, and we should, use our business to make it a better tomorrow.

As Warren Buffett once said, “We have won the DNA lottery by being born in a lucky country…” We believe we are privileged to be operating within such a fortunate country such as Australia, and the prosperity which it has provided our firm over the years.

Too often, we see companies that make donations to environmental or humanitarian organisations, yet they conduct their business in ways that result in direct or indirect harm to the planet and society. At AJ Financial Planning, it is important to us that we are not being contradictory or contributing to the problem. To achieve this, we endeavour to have a neutral carbon footprint, and we are committed to engaging with the wider community and contributing to society.  To separate use from the lip service of ‘pretenders’, we are independently assessed biannually by the Responsible Investment Association, to ensure we stay true to our word and our commitment to our values.

AJ Financial Planning strives to do no harm to the environment within which we operate. This is achieved by having a neutral carbon footprint by powering our office with 100% renewable power, utilising 100% recycled paper, implementing electronic technology to minimise waste, and where necessary, purchasing carbon offsets to neutralise our carbon and impact footprint.

All these initiatives have positioned AJ Financial Planning at the cutting-edge of our industry for responsible business practices. It also allows us to deliver results that are superior to our competitors, while ensuring that our organisation is sensitive to sustainable for future generations. In short, we care about your tomorrow… and not just financially!