Here are just a few samples of AJ Financial Planning founder Alex’s media expertise over the years!

  1. – “Should you withdraw from your super during Covid-19 to buy a home?” 
  2. Super Guide (15th May)-“Income alternatives to bank shares”
  3. The Motley Fool (12th May 2020) – “In a post-COVID world, could Australia be the next superpower?”
  4. Super Guide (9th May 2020) – “Does a core and satellite strategy still work? Two perspectives”
  5. The Motley Fool (1st May 2020) – “5 quality ASX shares to buy in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”
  6. Daily Telegraph (25th April 2020) – “Checkout simple way to save”
  7. Domain (17th April 2020) “How to negotiate on all your bills to save hundreds of dollars”
  8. Nest Egg (16th April 2020) – “‘Shift your thinking’: How to manage wealth during COVID-19”
  9. AE Daily (7th April 2020) -What are the long-term impacts of pausing your mortgage repayments?
  10. Domain (April 2020) – “What are the impacts of pausing your mortgage repayments?”
  11. Sky News (5th April 2020) – “COVID-19 impact on people’s finances”
  12. Ticker Today (12th April 2020)
  13. Independent Financial Adviser Magazine (June 2019) – “Conscience Driven”
  14. Professional Planner Website (December 2018) – “The case for keeping it small and lean” 
  15. 98.7FM (October 2015) – “Taking Care of Business” show
  16. Strategic Super Investor Magazine (September 2013) –  “Insane Growth in Difficult Times” 
  17. Seeking Alfa (August 2012) – “The Sustainable Business Evolution” 
  18. Wealth Creator Magazine (September 2011) – “Seeking out bargains?” 
  19. Your Trading Edge Magazine (May 2011) – “Trading Life”