Our Process

The most common question we get asked from in an initial enquiry is… “what is your process?”

Our process for new clients at AJ Financial Planning is unique, and the steps undertaken are outlined below:

1. We offer the ability to have a FREE no-obligation initial appointment with one of our highly experienced Financial Planners.  At this meeting, we will look to obtain a greater understanding of your personal situation and your personal and individual requirements.

If we believe that we can assist your situation, and you are happy for us to proceed, we would move onto the next stage of our process.

2. After this initial meeting, we would commence preparation of a Financial Plan.  This would outline the strategies to improve your current situation.  This detailed report would be prepared, in most cases, FREE of charge and under no obligations to proceed with the recommendations provided. The Financial Plan is generally very comprehensive and can be up to 50 odd pages in length- depending on the complexities of your personal situation.

In essence, these two steps this will provide a framework for you to move you forwards in your set objectives.

3. After reviewing the Financial Plan, if you are comfortable with the recommendations and you agree to proceed, we would commence implementation of the recommendations.