Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help you, our client, have an inspiring, awesome future!

To achieve this, at AJ Financial Planning we take great time and care in crafting a strategic financial blueprint to help move you towards your financial goals and objectives.

Over the years, we have found that in reality it is not just a lump sum of money- a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow- that most clients seek. Rather, it is how they can make that money work in their favour; what capital and cashflow can deliver to them at the right time.  As such, we have worked with clients all over Australia to guide them carefully and prudently through life’s financial maze.

AJ Financial Planning recognises that education is also an essential foundation for our clients to learn and understand why what they want out of life, and why we take particular directions with our advice to them.  To achieve this, we have created educational symposiums to educate and inspire you. Our program is committed to bringing what we believe to be greatest ideas and thoughts from around the world in the areas of finance and investing.