Sustainable Investments

AJ Financial PlanningSustainable Investments

Our founder, Alex Jamieson, is passionate about making a better tomorrow for his clients and presents regularly on the topics of sustainable and ethical investing. Sustainable and ethical investing takes into consideration social and environmental performance in addition to financial performance. 

After a decade of research within this field, and literally hundreds of interviews, it became clear to Alex that companies who operated with sustainable practices, in many cases, demonstrate the following key characteristics:

1. Their financials are more sound and robust;
2. These businesses are leaders in their field;
3. These organisations generally have more dynamic work place with higher morale among staff;
4. Consumers have closer ties to these organisations, making them less price sensitive.
Most of these organisations did not arrive at this point on their first day of operation; it has been a process of evolution that took many decades for them to develop and obtain. This evolution process, however, is an important component of their business life-line, as by identifying where the company is located along this evolution pathway, it allows them to identify sustainable and ethical investment opportunities.
The interesting part of this research into sustainable and ethical investing is also that the companies who displayed these attributes actually outperformed their counterparts.  So in reality, sustainable and ethical investing makes makes for a good investment philosophy.


AJ Financial Planning is unique in that we are one of a few firms that can craft a portfolio that meets not only your investment and financial objectives, but also meets sustainable and ethical values thanks to our sustainable and ethical investment research.