AJ Radio – Episode 19 (Recorded 24th July 2018)

In this 19th Episode of AJ Radio we crack open a segment of the investment market that was once thought perhaps to be a trivial area. Now, with a projected 2.3 billion people participating in this area of the market and a forecasted spend of $137.9 billion in 2018, this area of the market is no longer a niche player.  This episode takes a closer look at what is transpiring in this exciting video game market and the opportunities it presents for investors.

AJ Radio – Episode 16 (Recorded 22nd November 2017)

In this 16th Episode of AJ Radio we discuss how to keep a level head when the markets go crazy. To understand this, we chat with Dr Frank Murtha, Managing Director of Marketpsych and a leading expert in investing psychology, who give us some fascinating insights to put yourself in the right investing mindset.

AJ Radio – Episode ​15 (Recorded 17th October 2017)

In this 15th Episode of AJ Radio we discuss retirement. Specifically, we explore what you should do if you don’t have enough money for retirement, and what are the steps you could consider taking to handle this situation. We also give a quick update on the speculative and very interesting cryptocurrency market.


AJ Radio – Special Edition on Insights from CFA Annual Conference Philadelphia

In this AJ Radio special edition, we bring you all insights from the CFA Annual Conference where our very own Shaun Gilbert attended to join some of the global leaders in the asset management industry from around the world to gain the latest insights.