Tailored Financial Advice

AJ Financial PlanningTailored Financial Advice

AJ Financial Planning’s approach to developing a tailored financial advice is to consider two key areas- lifestyle goals and investment strategy.

Lifestyle Goals
Strategic financial planning advice generally involves balancing a client’s lifestyle goals, which usually means living a fulfilled, if sometimes demanding lifestyle. These lifestyle goals are then layered with your financial objectives and targets.  Using sophisticated strategic modelling, cash flow analysis and projections, we compile a plan to stimulate the projected outcome based on scenario modelling.

AJ Financial Planning’s strategic planning recommendations are not static; they evolve as the economic environment and your personal situation changes.  To ensure the plan is on track, we arrange meetings and keep in regular contact with our clients.

Investment Strategy
The second key area is investment advice.  AJ Financial Planning carefully analyses and considers which investment markets are most appropriate for your tactical investment strategy.

We use this information to construct an investment portfolio, which we believe is most suited to propel you forwards towards achieving your financial objectives.