What Makes Us Special

AJ Financial PlanningWhat Makes Us Special


AJ Financial Planning is proud to be accredited with the Principles for Responsible Investment and the Banking & Finance Oath, among others.

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Research and Education

The team at AJ Financial Planning frequently travel around the world to gather the latest information from respected leaders and elite minds, and we bring this knowledge back for the benefit of our clients. We believe this makes our team among the brightest and most well-informed in the country.

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For years now, Alex has been a sought after expert for his thoughts and opinions on the financial marketplace. He writes articles for leading industry magazines and has spoken at major investment expos around the country. AJ Financial Planning is proud to have Alex leading our team, and appreciates the invaluable knowledge and experience he shares with the team and our clients.

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AJ Financial Planning works with clients to develop a Financial Plan considering your personal goals and objectives to work out strategically, what we feel is the most appropriate way forwards to your specific personal requirements.


AJ Financial Planning invests in direct assets and has access to a broad range of investment asset classes, both in the domestic and international markets.  This allows us to find the investment options that we believe will deliver strong returns to our client base.


AJ Financial Planning holds our own Australian Financial Services License.


AJ Financial Planning understands the market cycles that have naturally occurred over the past 200 years, which helps us identify ‘tail winds’ in the market place.  We also understand technical indicators to assist us with the timing of the markets, and fundamental analysis, which helps us select investments that are sitting at deep discounts to their true value.


We have access to a team of leading independent economic experts, technical analysts and fundamental analysts, both locally and internationally. By delivering consistent and accurate reports, these professionals assist us in understanding the future direction of markets, to optimise management of our clients’ investments and superannuation.  A number of these expert reports are exclusive to AJ Financial Planning and are not available to individual investors or the public.


At  AJ Financial Planning, we actively manage our clients’ portfolios for both superannuation and non-superannuation.


AJ Financial Planning is a boutique firm. We pride ourselves on cultivating one-on-one relationships and providing premium services to our clients, which sets us apart from larger firms with a less personal approach.