WHY CHOOSE AJ FINANCIAL PLANNING?Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose us as your financial partners!

Innovative Advice

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions and a fresh perspective to our clients’ financial situations.

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Tailored Financial Advice

We believe that having a thoughtful, well crafted and high quality financial advice is paramount in our view to financial success.

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One-on-One Approach

We understand that sometimes you just want to speak to a real person who understands your financial position, and that gets what you are trying to achieve.

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Our Philosophy

We enjoy watching success grow from thinking differently about the traditional formulas to life.

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Alex Jamieson
Founder & Financial Planner

As Founder of AJ Financial Planning, Alex is without a doubt the brains behind our team!  

Ben Crowe
Financial Planner

Ben is one of our superstar resident financial planners, who has been in the industry for over a decade. His specialities include developing robust financial strategies to power our clients forward!

Shaun Gilbert
Para Planner

Shaun is our talented resident propeller-head, spending most of his days immersed in charts and financial modelling to provide cutting-edge information so our team can get results!

Suzy Jamieson
Administration Assistant & Marketing Manager

Alex agrees that behind every good man is a good woman- and Suzy is no exception. Suzy keeps our team running by taking care of all the administrative tasks, as well as adding her magical marketing touch to the business!


Which is a better investment for your child’s future; private schooling, or an investment property?

May 20 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

Over the years, I have often heard people ask ‘Should I send my kids to private school, or save the money and buy them a

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Budget opportunities… How to take advantage of doors that may close.

May 13 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

As most people in Australia know, the Federal Budget was announced last week and as usual, the media has been all over the proposed changes.

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Australian indexes: a safe bet for retirees?

April 22 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

Every day when we turn on the TV, radio, or read the newspaper, we are told whether the share market in Australia has increased or

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