AJ Radio – Episode ​10 (Recorded 1​4th ​March 2017)

March 26 , 2017 Alex Jamieson

In AJ Radio’s​ ​tenth episode we delve into the​ key​ things you need to do before another financial year ends.

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AJ Radio – Special Edition on Insights from CFA Institute New York

February 5 , 2017 Alex Jamieson

AJ Radio special edition of insights from the CFA Institute Conference held in New York and which sectors of the share market will be benefit from the election of Donald Trump.

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AJ Radio – Episode 9 (Recorded 17th January 2017)

January 17 , 2017 Alex Jamieson

In AJ Radio’s ninth episode we delve into forecasts and what might be in store for the 2017 year ahead for you.

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AJ Radio – Episode 8 (Recorded 6th December 2016)

December 12 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

AJ Radio – Episode 8 – In this eighth episode, we explore the solar energy market and discuss where it sits on the exponential curve as well as the potential disruptions to the oil market.

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AJ Radio – Special Edition on Insights from Singularity University Summit

November 18 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

In this special edition of AJ Radio, we bring you the latest insights and future trends straight from the Singularity University Summit held in San Fransisco last month

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Why solar is not dead under Trump…….

November 11 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

Thinking of investing in renewables? Does it make sense to invest in this sector, and what are the advantages? Did you watch the sunrise this

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AJ Radio – Episode 6 (Recorded 12th September 2016)

October 4 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

AJ Radio – Episode 6 – In this sixth episode, we reveal little financial tips and tricks to help you get ahead with your personal finances.

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AJ Radio – Episode 5 (Recorded 19th August 2016)

August 24 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

AJ Radio – Episode 5 – In this episode we delve into the headline numbers you should look at when considering an investment into shares to determine fair value, and the timelines that you need to keep in mind for investments….

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Navigating retirement funding: Is superannuation such a great idea?

August 19 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

Superannuation and retirement have always gone hand in hand. Yet recent budget announcements around taxation, contribution caps and other proposed changes have caused a stir

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AJ Radio – Episode 4 (Recorded 19th of July 2016)

July 22 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

AJ Radio – Episode 4 – In this episode we look at the key trends for anybody contemplating borrowing money, and exploring what options might be available for anybody trying to get a decent return on a fixed interest investment.

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Which is a better investment for your child’s future; private schooling, or an investment property?

May 20 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

Over the years, I have often heard people ask ‘Should I send my kids to private school, or save the money and buy them a

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Budget opportunities… How to take advantage of doors that may close.

May 13 , 2016 Alex Jamieson

As most people in Australia know, the Federal Budget was announced last week and as usual, the media has been all over the proposed changes.

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